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Reduce your IT costs by eliminating inefficiencies

We create the roadmap to a more efficient and less expensive IT that you can monitor on an ongoing basis. We have successfully done this for large multi national organizations around the world, the larger the organization the higher the savings. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today and uncover your inner IT savings.


About Us

  • Helping customers reduce IT spend since 2007.
  • Band of rockstars for your impossible problems.
  • Our worldwide customers combined have
    • 219,119 employees & USD$31.7B in revenues.
  • Our Verticals:Financial, Healthcare, Mobile, Telecom, Automotive
  • We partner with Microsoft in "IT Optimization and Cost Savings"
    • Microsoft Optimization insider&model contributor/reviewer.
    • First in the country for IT Optimization depth assessments.
    • Microsoft Tech Ready Conference Speaker.
    • Microsoft Security, Management User group speaker.
  • Worldwide coverage: North America and India

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Customer Testimonials



Tata Communication Ltd. uses Expera to optimize 9,000 PCs to Simplify Support and Reduce Costs

"The road map that Expera developed for us broke down all the needed steps in a very simple manner and assigned a timetable for each. Also, bringing in Expera helped us overcome the cultural differences among our IT teams around the world. Often, you can't get different teams to agree on a common road map because their own processes are so ingrained. It's often better to bring in a neutral outside consultant with a neutral plan. That was a major factor in helping us move forward." Link to Case Study from Microsoft.Com.



$7B Healthcare provider with 49,434 employeeshappy_business_woman

I want to get this in front of my counterpart as he's a key player with regard to server management. I think Expera's assessment does a great job of showing the gains that can be made by the organization.



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